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Changing seasons means winter maintenance

Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

As autumn colors abound over the landscape of many areas, it’s time think about winter maintenance. For some, that may mean adding antifreeze to the vehicle or covering the late garden they planted. For others, it means checking and repairing/replacing pipe insulation to prevent those disastrous breaks that are sure to come.
Many people in rural areas are well acquainted with these procedures because they are critical to having a reliable water source. But there’s more to that maintenance than just wrapping the pipes. National Ground Water Association’s Charles Job gives our readers a closer look at the natural occurrences that can have an impact on their private wells and how that can affect well owners’ health. While no requirement for testing exists for private wells, owners would be well-served to take on this responsibility for their own well-being.

Over the years, water scarcity was thought to be a problem ‘somewhere else.’ In the last five to 10 years, the US has begun to experience its own scarcity issues. While there is much that can be done to conserve this precious resource, not all are yet on board with doing so. Luckily, the water treatment industry is at the forefront of introducing new water-saving appliances and processes. Gary Battenberg of Parker Hannifin takes a look at the history of groundwater depletion (which leads to water scarcity) and what can be done to mitigate the consequences of our unchecked growth and over-usage of water in the United States. Overcoming this problem will take long-term investment and engagement.

Dr. Kelly Reynolds, Public Health Editor, reports on the less well-known danger of pyrethrin exposures. While commonly celebrated as ‘natural’ pesticides, pyrethrins (and their synthetic cousins, pyrethroids) have been associated with acute poisonings. Their use is common in the US; recent deaths and new research, however, indicates a need to revisit previous studies on the safety of these chemicals.

Even though many tend to stay a bit closer to home during the end of the year, there are still plenty of industry events occurring around the world. For example, while this issue was being printed, Aquatech Amsterdam was in full swing, bringing more technology and innovation to the world of water treatment. We can’t wait to hear more and will present some details in our December issue. Though the cold season might not make you think of pools and spas, that industry’s annual big show was happening in New Orleans, LA.

And don’t forget about another upcoming big winter show, NGWA’s Groundwater Week, which will take place December 3-5 in Las Vegas, NV. It doesn’t get cold everywhere at the same time so look for what may be happening close by that will benefit you and your business. Even local shows can make a big difference in your customer base.

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