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Ricci, shower filter inventor, mourned

E. George Ricci passed away on December 15, 2018 in Los Osos, California. Born November 4, 1930, in Los Angeles, he attended East Los Angeles College before completing his degree at UCLA and serving in the United States Navy. In 1957, Ricci married Geraldine Hurley, his love, best friend and his most loyal supporter throughout all of his adventures. After she passed in 1995, Ricci fully immersed himself in his passion for cleaner, better water. Realizing the unique criteria required for a truly effective shower filter, he founded Rainshow’r in 1989, after two years of research and development in producing the first KDF-based shower filter on the market. The success of his shower filters spurred the growth and expansion of the company and it continues to produce water treatment products for the shower, bath and garden to this day.
Throughout his long life and career, the most lasting impression of Ricci is that of a teacher. Ricci understood that while simple problems might be fixed with money, the most important problems required deeper solutions. He was many things in life: a husband, a father, a student, a veteran, an entrepreneur, a founder, an inventor and a teacher. But to his many grateful employees and colleagues, he was above all else a good man and a good friend. Ricci is survived by five children, eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

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