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Kurt C. Peterson, Publisher

The beauty of being involved in the water treatment industry is the ability to provide clean and safe water in a variety of ways, from bottled water to home office delivery to in-house treatment systems. Each technology associated with water treatment has its own specifications and requirements for the best possible operation of equipment and production of the highest-quality product. There is no one simple solution for all needs, which is why we feature a host of treatment, equipment and product options each month.

The September issue is all about water coolers and bottled water. Both provide a level of convenience that is not restricted to a single location. Bottled water coolers are found everywhere, from homes and offices to outdoor venues and favored leisure activities. Even doctor offices usually have at least one cooler available. Deploying these often-necessary water resources are a number of companies that have taken on the challenge of providing water everywhere, all the time. As with most treatment equipment, however, bottled water coolers do not take care of themselves; regular maintenance is a basic requirement for proper operation, as well as health and safety reasons. To cover this topic, Kent Wilson of Aqua-Pure, Inc. presents a primer on water cooler maintenance and hygiene requirements.

While bottled water has surpassed sugary drinks and juices as the on-the-go beverage choice and bottle materials have been reduced to ever-smaller amounts of non-recyclable materials, it remains a controversial topic of modern life in some circles. Jill Culora, VP of Communications for the International Bottled Water Association gives us an industry update, including trends and usage patterns as well as the issue of bottled water bans that continue to pop up.

What’s a California summer like without the annual PWQA event? Boring for many water treatment dealers. This year, the event was held in Gardena, California. As usual, the association offered a comprehensive industry update with a side of bratwurst. In this issue, check out PWQA members enjoying these festivities. In a similar vein, Water-Right hosted its annual dealer convention in South Carolina. The best way to tell a story is with pictures and we offer some to illustrate yet another successful meet-up. Water-Right’s success is based on the long-time efforts of the entire Gruett family, keeping them at the top of the water treatment industry’s list of go-to professionals.

Public Health Editor Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, PhD, who was recently promoted to a full professorship at the University of Arizona, offers her insight on the quality of water in storage facilities. Intrusion by rodents, insects and other contaminants is a rampant problem in some areas, rendering these water sources potentially hazardous to those who consume it. Quality-control measures, already in place and enforceable, are being ignored or overlooked by those charged with the responsibility of public health and safety.

With the vacation season nearing its end and school back in session, now is the time to take advantage of late summer and early fall conventions, expositions and training sessions. This is the best way to expand your business network, gain industry insight and learn something new. When you consider the overall cost of training employees, the availability of educational opportunities offered by organizations and companies is one of the best deals in town. We’ll be looking for you at some of those events and we hope you’ll be looking for us as well. Have an idea for our coverage? Let us know and we’ll do our best to add to our technical article line-up. We’re always ready to add new authors and technical reviewers, another way to enhance both the general knowledge base of readers and also give back to those who continue to make the industry a top-notch player in our health-conscious culture. Until we meet again…

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