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EcoWater Systems Europe N.V., a subsidiary of EcoWater Systems Inc.—the world’s largest manufacturer of residential water treatment systems—has acquired Epuro S.A. 💧

Groupe Danone reported third-quarter sales in 2000 were up 6.3 percent over the same period last year. For the first nine months ending Sept. 30, sales rose 7.5 percent above the same period in 1999. 💧

Severn Trent Services Inc. has acquired QED Environmental Systems, a leading supplier in sampling, monitoring, pumping systems and complementary products to the groundwater remediation and leachate collection markets. 💧

For the second consecutive year, Kinetico Inc. of Newbury, has been named one of the 99 best companies to work for in northeast Ohio. 💧

Cyclopss Corp. has entered into a definitive agreement for the acquisition and merger of OxiDyn Inc. of Raleigh, N.C. OxiDyn manufactures and sells patented proprietary ozone sanitation systems to the food and beverage industries. 💧

A new book on water treatment plant design, Integrated Design and Operation of Water Treatment Facilities, is available through the American Water Works Association. 💧

Calgon Carbon Corp. said in early October sales for the third quarter 2000 will be approximately 13 percent less ($64.3 million) than the third quarter 1999 when the company reported sales of $73.8 million. Net income had a similar decline to $1.6 million, but was up 2.7% for the first three quarters of 2000. 💧

Carbon Resources LLC of Oceanside, Calif., has signed a distributor agreement with JB Carbon Activators of Sri Lanka to market their coconut shell activated carbon products throughout North America. 💧

Waterlink Inc. of Canton, Ohio, has sold its Aero-Mod Inc. subsidiary in Manhattan, Kan.—a part of the company’s Biological Wastewater Treatment division—to Resi Enterprises Inc. 💧

Vermont Pure Holdings Ltd. and Crystal Rock Spring Water Company have entered into a merger agreement. The agreement provides for the formation of a new publicly held holding company, also to be known as Vermont Pure Holdings Ltd., that will own the two businesses. 💧

As the Clinton administration comes to an end, federal agencies are moving at a frenzied pace to issue regulations before their time expires. To help track these regulations, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University in Arlington, Va., has launched www.RegRadar.org 💧

Prayon Inc. of Augusta, Ga., a wholly owned subsidiary of Belgian parent Prayon-Rupel, completed the acquisition of the phosphate manufacturing facility from Asatris LLC. 💧

Around 200 drinking water projects across New York will receive $575 million in grants and low-interest loans through the 1996 Clean Water/Clean Air Bond Act. 💧

Sybron Chemicals Inc. of Birmingham, N.J., was to increase ion exchange resin prices an average of 5 percent across its product line effective Dec. 1 due to rising raw material, fuel, labor and freight costs. 💧

Integrated Water Resources Inc. of Santa Barbara, Calif., and IT Group Inc. of Pittsburgh have executed a joint marketing agreement for services and work using IWR’s licensed groundwater technologies. 💧

West Chester, Pa.-based Roy F. Weston Inc. has announced the relocation of its Vernon Hills office to provide expanded infrastructure and brownfield redevelopment services to 💧

Billion francs for plant
The Dow Chemical Co. is supplying nanofiltration, water purification membrane technology to a muni-cipal drinking water plant located in a suburb of Paris. Built at a total cost of 1 billion francs, this is the largest nanofiltration installation in the world. Located at Mery, in northern Paris on the banks of the river Oise, the plant will supply 140,000 cubic meters of drinking water a day for approximately 500,000 residents who live near Paris.

Carmel spreads cheer
For the past eight years, Carmel Financial of Carmel, Ind., which offers financing to residential water treatment equipment dealers, has teamed up with Red Cross and the local fire department to raise thousands of items for needy families in surrounding communities. Last year, the company’s employees donated about 50,000 items to families around the holiday season. For more information on donating, call Pam Prickett at (317) 844-7951 ext. 209.

TMDL benefits Tetra Tech
Tetra Tech Inc. was awarded over $30 million in new contracts to implement watershed management programs for local agencies and private clients. This will implement the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) program, an effort to characterize non-point source water contamination and improve water quality in the United States.

Bacteria found at hospital
Officials at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Towson, Md., banned showers and distributed bottled water to patients after the hospital’s hot water system revealed the presence of the bacteria that can cause Legionnaire’s Disease. The hospital began treating the system after tests revealed elevated levels of Legionella bacteria. No patients currently have contracted Legionnaire’s Disease, a potentially fatal respiratory illness.

Pepsi profits again
PepsiCo has experienced yet another quarter of double-digit earnings per share (EPS) growth. The beverage giant reported EPS of $0.40, up 17 percent from $0.34 in the year ago quarter. It’s also building fast growing, non-soft drink brands like Aquafina bottled water—whose sales volume grew 26 percent in the quarter—to stimulate the beverage division’s growth.

State looks to boil orders
Due to heavy storms that rocked the East Coast last year, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is seeking information with regard to implementing preemptive boil orders in the event of severe weather. Hurricane Floyd completely flooded one water treatment plant, placed others at risk and had the potential to affect water quality along the state’s coastal areas. Plus, the storm compromised communications and made it difficult for the Bureau of Safe Drinking Water to assess the situation and take proper action.

Cold shoulder for Perrier
Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson said in late October that Perrier should seek another site to obtain and bottle spring water if it’s denied the required zoning in Adams County. He added the company’s best opportunity probably rests with the Adams County Board. The board is to consider whether to approve zoning changes from agricultural to commercial. Earlier, as Perrier prepared to drill a deeper test well in the town of New Haven, about 50 residents turned out to tell the company to go elsewhere.

Rohm and Haas updates
Effective Nov.1, Rohm and Haas announced a general price increase of 5 percent at the minimum. The increase is attributed to the continuously rising costs of raw material and other crude oil related products and services such as freight. This will apply to the entire line of functionalized polymers. In other news, the company has reached an agreement with the USEPA, The Department of Justice and the State of Mississippi. As part of the $38 million settlement in late October, Rohm and Haas will install comprehensive hazardous waste controls, including the construction and renovation of waste management units at its Morton Moss Point plant.

Payments sent to victims
More than 540 Milwaukee residents have received settlement checks as a result of city water contaminated with Cryptosporidium seven years ago. Totaling $1.4 million, the settlement included 51 death claims. Payment amounts ranged from $240 to $18,000 for those who lost a relative.

Licensing alliance struck
AquaTrust Filtration LLC of Huntersville, N.C., has announced a licensing agreement with Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Aquathin Corp. As the exclusive licensee of Microban Products Co. for antimicrobial water filtration applications, Aquathin will apply the proprietary technology in a filter. It will be used in water solutions for single or multi-station printing presses, either sheet or web fed, which use a water recirculation tank to treat the recycled water.

USFilter’s plans pay off
Englewood Water District of Englewood, Fla., awarded USFilter of Palm Desert, Calif., a $3.5 million contract to expand its current wastewater treatment facility, originally installed by USFilter’s Davis Products. In 1996, Englewood Water District and Davis planned ahead for the 3.3 percent annual growth, the gradual elimination of all septic systems and the future connection of all these water customers to the sanitary power system. As a result, expansion is expected to go smoothly.

Lockheed offers millions
Lockheed Martin Corp. is offering $5 million to about 300 Burbank, Calif., residents to settle claims that they got sick from toxic chemicals released during decades of defense manufacturing. The settlement proposal could end four years of litigation. Lockheed has already paid $93 million to settle claims by thousands of other residents and former workers who also say they were made ill by the manufacturing byproducts that allegedly contaminated air, soil and groundwater.

Bacteria can be good
Just when you thought it was safe to wash your hands before dinner. An American scientist claims all the washing and scrubbing we spend on ourselves and our homes may be harmful in the long run. By being so clean-obsessive, Stuart Levy of Tufts University says we are killing helpful germs and enhancing the growth of mutant strains of super bacteria (see On Tap, p. 70).

Recall expanded in Pa.
Bottled water from Global Beverage Systems Inc. of Latrobe, Pa., has been included in the recall issued by the state’s Department of Environmental Protection in late July after it was discovered that some distributed bottles to several retailers were contaminated with coliform. Western Pennsylvania residents were urged not to drink Foodland, Shop’N Save and Flavorite brands of spring and distilled water.

Glacier revenues increase
For the quarter ending Oct. 1, 2000, Glacier Water Services Inc. of Carlsbad, Calif., reported revenues increased 9.6 percent or $1,508,000 to $17,214,000 from the same quarter a year ago. Revenues for the nine-month period ending Oct. 1 increased 7.9 percent or $3,377,000 to $45,938,000 for the same period last year. As announced on Aug. 28, the company discontinued operations in México during the third quarter and incurred non-recurring charges totaling $1,400,000 associated with the closure.  

Waterlogged at Wal-Mart
Bottled water sales for the world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart, are up 50 percent this year, driven by PET packages. Bottled water multipacks are taking space from juices, said Donald O. Williams, the company’s merchandise manager. He added that Wal-Mart outpaced industry growth figures in water. Williams expects water to be the second largest beverage category in the industry.


RWE reels in Thames
German utility RWE AG shelled out $8.9 billion to buy Britain’s Thames Water PLC, creating the world’s third-largest water and waste treatment company. The German company has been looking to make a major acquisition for several months as falling electricity prices threatened the returns from its power business at home. With the Thames deal, RWE is challenging the leadership of France’s Vivendi Environnement and Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux in the world water services industry.  Meanwhile, Thames won an auction with a bid of $282.3 million for the privatization of 42 percent of Chile’s third largest water utility, Essbio.

Walkerton gets system
ZENON Environmental Inc. has been selected by the Ontario Clean Water Agency to provide a temporary ultrafiltration system to Walkerton, Ontario. In May, the town suffered an E. coli outbreak that resulted in six deaths. The ZeeWeed® ultrafiltration membrane technology will be part of an interim treatment process in the management of Walkerton’s well water. The system will be installed on two of the community’s wells, while the consulting team examines longer-term alternatives for the town.

Vietnam floods kill 280
The death toll rose to 280 as of early October in prolonged floods in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta and state media warned of new hazards—cholera and crocodiles swimming downriver from Cambodia. The International Red Cross estimates 4 million people have been affected in eight Delta provinces.

EDR components certified
Ionics Inc., a leading global separations technology company, received KIWA-ATA certification of its electrodialysis reversal (EDR) membrane stack components at AquaTech 2000. The KIWA certification affirms that Ionics’ EDR membrane components are safe to use for producing high quality drinking water in The Netherlands. The company has installed the EDR 2020® water treatment system for Waterleidingmij. Oost-Brabant, a municipal water company that provides drinking water to the centre-east area of The Netherlands.

Skydraft buys waste firm
Swedish power utility Skydraft and French Sita, the world’s fourth largest water treatment firm, have bought Swedish WM Sellbergs garbage disposal company and the SAKAB waste treatment firm for $186 million.

U.N. asks help in Iran
Western nations have been asked by a U.N. team to assist Iran in fighting a drought that has destroyed crops and affected more than half the country’s population of 62 million. According to the U.N. Development Program, the team met with Tehran-based western ambassadors to urge their governments to provide at least 1,000 mobile water tankers to ease an acute water shortage in rural areas.

Carus buys Spanish firm
The permanganate business of Industrial Química del Nalón of Oviedo, Spain has been sold to Carus Chemical Company of Peru, Ill. Considered a world leader in potassium permanganate manufacturing, Carus Chemical is a division of Carus Corp. A European subsidiary of the mother company, Carus Nalon S.L. will be the entity’s new name.

Vivendi slashing debt
French utility Vivendi Environnement said it has made progress in reducing debt and was on target to meet three-year growth objectives. The water, waste, energy and transport company was reporting its first results since being partly spun off in July from giant Vivendi, which also has telecom and media interests.

Three indicted over Cuba
A manufacturing company and three of its executives were indicted in early October by a federal grand jury in Philadelphia for allegedly “trading” with a U.S. nemesis, Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Despite a long-standing U.S. government-imposed trade embargo against Cuba, Bro-Tech Corp., which is known as “The Purolite Company,” allegedly sold $2.1 million worth of “ion exchange resins” used in water purification systems for export to the communist country since 1992.

Link to stillbirths
Researchers at IWK Grace Health Centre, Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, found a link between high levels of chlorine by-products in drinking water and stillbirths. Risk doubled for mothers exposed to 20 ppb of THMs compared to those exposed to less than 5 ppb.

Mexico faces water loss
Mexican farmers will lose 40 percent of their water supply by February if the country refuses to make more down payments on the large amount of surface water it owes Texans along the Rio Grande. Members of the regional water planning group are encouraging México to pay some of its water debt. The group focused on the 1944 U.S.-México Water Treaty, which requires México to release a third of its water from six tributaries to the United Sates annually.

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