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Lifetime Versatility of UVC LED Technology for Water Purification Systems

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2020 Bottled Water Industry Update

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  • Public Health

    The Benefits and Risks of Bottled Water Supplies

    By Kelly A. Reynolds, MSPH, PhD Bottled water sales have been on a mostly steady increase for over a decade. It is now the number-one beverage in the United States and has been for several […]Read More
    Product Testing/Certification

    Standards for Treatment Technologies Used with POU...

    By Rick Andrew Certain POU water treatment technologies are designed for use with POU water coolers. When used with coolers, these technologies are treating potable water supplies to help address concerns with taste, odor, appearance […]Read More
  • Dealer Dynamics

    Residential Ozone Applications

    By Greg Reyneke, MWS Ozone is a highly effective technology for addressing numerous waterborne contaminants in commercial, industrial and recreational water usage environments. There are, however, relatively few dealers that use it on a consistent […]Read More
    Dealer Profile

    “That Sounds Like Better Math!”

    By Emma H. Peterson Alan Branson had never given much thought about the quality of his water. It was never on his radar that water from one place could have a completely different texture and […]Read More
  • Creative Marketing

    Coping with the COVID-19 Era Via Interactive AR Tr...

    By David H. Martin This column is a companion piece to An Industry Training Veteran’s View: The Evolution of Training, which appeared in the March issue of WC&P. David Scurlock, who had been scheduled to […]Read More
    Corporate Profile

    The Best Kept Secret of the Plumbing Industry

    By Emma H. Peterson If there’s one thing Eric Brockmire knows about plumbing, it’s everything. After nearly 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry, Brockmire is highly renowned for his expertise in all things […]Read More


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Product Trade Show

  • Diaphragm pump

    Blue White Industries’ CD1 Dual Diaphragm Pump with Hyperlink Drive Technology pumps chemicals continuously, is self-priming, will not vapor lock and is engineered for zero maintenance, including the patented, ultra-durable diaphragm, DiaFlex®. The exclusive, single-layer […]Read More
  • Inline flow meter

    Clack Corporation introduces the two-inch Plastic Inline Flow Meter, an economical, glass-filled, composite unit that offers many advantages. It is non-corrosive and has union-style adapters that have a small range of motion to assist with […]Read More
  • Variable speed systems

    Goulds Water Technology, a Xylem brand, introduces its e-HME and e-SVE pumps with integrated and variable-speed control and intelligence. These easy-to-install systems combine a state-of-the-art hydraulic pump with permanent magnet-motor technology and a variable-speed drive […]Read More

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